We can help you to – Advertise your business using direct marketing tools

  • Promote goodwill with your clients and staff
  • Offer a full embroidery and screen printing service
  • You get advice , support and personal service
We use our relationships with a large number of product suppliers, embroiderers and screen printers to provide you access to an almost limitless range sourced from throughout NZ, Australia and Asia.

As we are independent we are able to source the right solution for your needs. This gives us flexibility.

Direct marketing – Did you know promotional products are the only form of advertising that your clients thank you for!

  • Keeping your customers is a sound business tactic
  • Its helps maintain and improve your profits
  • Unless you are in contact with your customers on a regular basis you will lose them
  • They will be hijacked Kidnapped or seducer away by your competition.
  • To stop this ......
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We service a large range of customers throughout the Waikato/King Country Central North Island area.