Psychology of Giving


This is a well researched phenomenon. When we receive something which is free, we automatically and unconsciously feel a sense of obligation. When we feel this sense of obligation we feel that we must do something in return.

This is demonstrated in our everyday behavior. When we get invited to a barbecue, we automatically feel a sense of obligation and make sure that we invite our host to our next barbecue. When we are having a drink with a friend, we always make sure that we buy a round in turn.

This behaviour is firmly embedded in the way that we operate. We would feel uncomfortable if we did not return the favour. If you understand this, you can see how if you give something to your customers, they are likely to give you something back such as an order.

Your customers may forget what you write;
They may forget what you say;
But they will never, ever forget
the way you made them feel.